Pros And Cons Of Playing Episode Games

Everyone loves movies and TV-Shows and also games. Well, it would be lovely if everything just combines and so arrived the world of episode games.

What are episode games?

Episode games are just like a movie or a TV-Show which is going on. The only difference is that in this type of movie, you yourself have to choose the way in which the story goes on. Well, if you choose the character to befriend any one, your story will be a different one and if you choose to be alone, your story will again be a lot different than the previous scenario.

How to play?

These types of games are very easy to play and can be played by anyone. All you have to do is concentrate on the direction in which the story is moving and so, your story will continue. Well, in between, if you think that the dialogue speed or the motion speed is very less, you can click to fast forward the scenario and in between, when the choices arrives, you also have to select the one by clicking on it.


  • Easy to Play
  • Full of Grahics
  • An Awesome Story
  • Amazing Character Designing


  • No practical gameplay
  • No particular genre

Take Away

You can play these games easily and anywhere. Many gaming sites as well as game stores provides the facility to play as well as download these types of games and even, there are many different types of genre in the stories available. If you love horror, you can play horror stories with your character. There are even gaming stories such as Romance, action, adventure and thrill. You can also play these games on sites such as Here too, you can play games with different genres and features and also play other types of games too.