Cannabis Cafe Rules- Do’s And Don’ts Of Marijuana Delivery

Marijuana delivery is becoming a profit yielding business as more and more people are titled towards smoking pot. The scenario isn’t that easy when it comes to delivering pot or buying it as there are certain rules to be followed while delivering marijuana. One doesn’t go willy-nilly one the streets, bus or mall selling pot. Without any restrictions on the delivery of Pot, the minors can get easy access to it and marijuana is not all the way good, so restrictions are bound to be imposed on its availability and delivery.

What Are the Don’ts While Delivering Marijuana?

By law the marijuana delivery service providers are restricted, in various ways to expand their business’ sale these restrictions include

Paid advertisements on social media platforms: The Pot delivering services are prohibited to use this platform to advertise their product and service. As these platforms are exceedingly used by the minors and teenagers.

The use of celebrity endorsement: Unlike other products, the delivery pot delivery service providers are not allowed to persuade celebs to promote weed or their service.

Bonus Coupons: The deliverers cannot give out discount coupons, as this encourages the economically rational users to buy more of pot.

Free samples: The deliverers cannot let anyone take free samples as the product is cannabis, not a juice can new in the market marijuana has its pros but can have more cons.

What Are the Do’s while delivering Pot?

There things allowed in order, to expand marijuana delivery and they include creating a strong online presence, building the brand, engagement through social media there is a difference, between engagement and paid ads engagement is with the targeted audience, email marketing etc.

These Dos and don’ts are given by Cannabis Delivery New York, and for the betterment and safety in the society, these must be followed.