An Ultimate Guide To Turn Your Router Into A Wifi Network Extender!

A flawless internet connection is the need of every house. People install a router in their house to enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection, but things get frustrating when the wifi signals vanish as you enter into a particular area of your house. It is because of the high number of obstacles between you and the router and making the area out of the reach of the router. The best possible solution to this problem is to superboost wifi signals using a wifi booster. It is a device that catches the wifi signals and throws it back in the atmosphere, doubling their reach and strength, but if you don’t want to spend money on a booster, you can also turn your existing router into an extender.

Simple tips for converting your wifi router into an effective wifi booster

Turn it into an access point

If you have a spare wifi router in your store, you can turn it into an access point and expands the wifi signal to each corner of your house. You need to connect both the router, old one, and the existing one and then connect the new router with the device. Now open up the settings of the old router and find the option of ‘access point mode.’ Place the old router in the dead zone, and it will expand the signal in that are giving you stable wifi connectivity.

Turn on the wireless repeater mode of the router

You must check your router’s settings and look for an option similar to ‘wireless repeater’ or ‘extender.’ It will allow connecting your existing router with your old router and creating a larger area of wifi network. A vast network area will make the signal reach every corner even in the dead zones, and you can easily enjoy flawless networks everywhere in your house.