Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer And The Scalpel

The developers of the company UBISOFT released a CGI trailer which was set in the backdrop of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege universe which was called as the hammer and the scalpel. This immersive video with a top class cinematic experience is dedicated solely to the game’s operator, their motives and game’s story and more. The Rainbow Six siege by Tom Clancy provides an opportunity to the players to work through their ability to destroy and distraught things.

The game play revolves around intense fights which include weaponries and fire also the formation of an out of the box strategy in coalition to the other games referred by the games of Tom Clancy. Rainbow Six Siege is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

  • The gameplay

In a first person shooting game rainbow Siege; player takes help of the other team members of the rainbow team and kill the opponents. Different team members have wide variety of nationalities, associated gadgets, game plans and weapons.

The thing about the game is that it isn’t divided symmetrically always the team can be odd even some times and hence the difference in majority and choices. Each of the 4 units split and form the attackers and the defenders. An additional feature of recruit operator is also present who has more assorted equipment and more flexible choices regarding the gameplay.

  • Different modes of the games

There are many modes and Rb6 hacks to utilize in order to play different modes of the game. These modes include:

Hostage mode: in this mode the player has to free as many hostages as he can from the clutches of the enemies. This mode is extremely competitive and is available in multiplayer mode.

Bomb play: in this mode the task of the player is assigned to defuse bombs along with the other players. In this mode, the defenders have to stop the attackers from killing and defusing the bomb before it explodes.