How Saitama Was Balanced On The Game: One Punch Man – A Hero Nobody Knows

Good news to all fans of the One Punch Man anime and manga, a new video game is coming. The fighting video game is titled One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, developed by Bandai Namco. There is a single problem about that anime though, the leading protagonist is very overpowered.

In the anime and manga, a bald dummy known as Saitama features a god-like strength that enables him to beat any kind of foe, irrespective of their strength, using only a single punch. The size and power of his enemies are not a concern to Saitama, who can instantly defeat each and every foe. For this reason, the show was titled as One Punch Man. The declaration of the new game caused fans of the series to ask if Saitama will still be able to overcome opponents with a single punch in the video game similar to the anime. If you are also wondering about that, let me answer for you. Yes, you can. But with a twist.

Saitama was balanced in a hilarious way

There was a trailer launched in Gamescom 2019 that shows the power of Saitama, being able to kill every single enemy using only one punch. He is also taking no damage from them, no matter how hard they hit him. There is a twist though, Saitama always arrives late, so you must use a weaker character and try to survive while Saitama is still on the way to the fighting grounds. Fair enough.


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