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Marijuana As Cancer Treatment: Does It Work?

Despite having more countries applying medical related marijuana regulations, inquiries continue to be asked about the authenticity of marijuana when it comes to its medical benefits. When it comes to cancer sufferers particularly, medicinal marijuana might provide a fascinating symptom control alternative. However, as a result of insufficient medical proof available today, a lot of physicians recommend patients to carry on with extreme caution when using marijuana for their illness. Additionally, they advise people to extensively talk about available alternatives with their doctor before starting cannabis based treatment.

Below are answers to common questions that may shed some light on where the medical marijuana field currently stands.
Some research has found out the benefits of marijuana for cancer

According to a study that was released in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal, marijuana can slow down the spread of cancerous cells. Cannabidiol possesses the capacity to prevent cancer by disabling a gene known as Id-1. Back in 2007, experts located at California Pacific Medical Center documented that CBD minimizes cancer tumor from growing. The experts tested breast cancer tissues within their laboratory and used cannabidiol to cure them.
The end result was somewhat good, the cells have reduced Id-1 manifestation, and became much less hostile when it comes to spreading. Actually, it was discovered by the American Association for Cancer Research that cannabis is proven to work when it comes to slowing down the cancer cells development in the brain, breast area, as well as lungs.

Try marijuana for your cancer symptoms today

Laws and regulation of cannabis for medical use differs on a state to state level. If you want to try marijuana based products for treating your cancer, be sure to buy from dispensaries listed here:

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