Some Of The Top-Rated Games For The Android Platform!

The gaming industry has evolved a lot in the last few decades, especially mobile gaming has reached new heights, and various unique and creative games are available for multiple platforms such as android, windows, and iOs. There are numerous, immensely exciting android games that you can add to your gallery and play anywhere anytime. There are millions of games launches every day, but you need to choose the most suitable and perfects games for your mobile phones. If you want to earn loads of cash without any additional efforts, then visit AsikQQ to win some easy money by playing poker.

Some of the best android games worth your storage and time

Stardew valley

If you love farming and want to build your own farm, then this game is perfect for you. It simulates different activities related to farming, and you can also choose your character and upgrade it as the game moves further. The story of the game initiates from a small town where you have to take over and handle the farm of your grandfather. The game is not only limited to farming, but it also has much more to offer, like upgrading your character, catching fishes, form social relationships, or can even have a fighting adventure in the mines.

PUBG mobile

It is one of the most popular and speedily grown android games. It is a battle game where a hundred players from all over the world gather and combat with each other, and the last man standing wins the game. There are different huge maps that you can visit, and you can also enjoy different modes such as solo, squad, duo, and training mode. Various attractive gifts and weapons are hidden in crates which you can open using different coupons. The most significant advantage is that the game is completely free but has some completely optional in-game purchases.