5 Video Games which have been favorites for years

Video games have come a long way since the 1960’s. An umpteen numbers of games have been released over time to woo the gamers. Some of them have vanished into oblivion while a handful of amazing numbers have been loved by players over time. The post below offers a brief on those great gamers which have always been gamers’ favorites.

Oregon Trail

An educational classic, this 1971 release was about the various advantages of different occupations- in the backdrop of an exciting cross-country adventure. Kids loved to watch a mini wagon rolling briskly along their screen, with the clock ticking away.

Spy Hunter

One of the pioneers of the great arcade game era, Spy hunter has been a major influence for many of the popular games we see today. For example, the vehicular combat actions that we find in “Twisted Metal”, have been inspired by Spy Hunter scenes. This game has also been the inspiration for race-and-shoot kart racing in Mario Kart.

Angry Birds

Although relatively new compared to the above two yet Angry Birds holds the potential to rule the gaming world for many more years to come. The theme of  “Angry Birds” is not only popular in the gaming sector but has also carved out a niche in other markets as well- such as fashion, home décor etc.

Super Mario

Talk about the most adored video games ever, and Super Mario tops the list with élan. Gamers never get enough of the cute Mexican protagonist (Mario) who wins hearts with his bravery and amazing adventures.

Poker Night at the Inventory 

Poker is one of the most popular themes for video games today. Some of the most popular poker video games today are dominoqq poker, Texas Hold’em poker and so on. But when it comes to favorites, a much loved option is “Poker Night at the Inventory”. It’s a fun game where you will have to player with a batch of C-list quirky internet celebrities.