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How To Find Out If A Gucci Belt Is Genuine Or Not

A number of fake Gucci belts can be extremely great that people find it hard to find the difference between a fake and authentic one. If you are not sure of whether or not your Gucci belt is fake, then be sure to check out this article. Listed below are some of the notable differences between fake and authentic Gucci belts that will surely help people in examining their Gucci belts to find out if theirs are fake or not.

1. The leather used is higher in terms of quality

Even though a replica gucci belt is still made from leather, the leather used in the Gucci belt is of superior quality and features more matte.

2. Stitching quality

The stitching job on the original Gucci belt is straight and much more organized. It also does not have any errors in comparison with a fake one. Be sure to properly check the stitches before you buy a Gucci belt.

3. The color shade of the Buckle Emblem

A genuine Gucci belt is bronze in its appearance. Meanwhile, counterfeit ones are gold in color.

4. Receipt

In case you are purchasing a used Gucci belt and wish to make sure it is genuine, it is recommended to ask for a receipt. Additionally, you should ask for the dust bags, in addition to the belt’s original packaging if applicable. Genuine Gucci belts have a gift bag with them when purchased, so if the seller is not able to provide one, it is probably fake.

5. Have various belt information stamped on the leather

This is a very straightforward way of identiying fake and authentic Gucci belts. An authentic Gucci belt features the Gucci logo and other information related to the belt branded on the leather. Meanwhile, fake Gucci belts do not have such engravings.