Facts About Board Games That You Didn’t Know About

Chess, Monopoly, Housie, Snakes, and ladders, are some of the best board games to play on family night. Being a savior of infinite parties, and keeping the entire family together, board games have been around for ages. However, there is so much more to board games that you do not know about. Therefore, to blow your mind below mentioned are some of the most interesting facts about board games which will improve your knowledge and interest in them:

  • Snakes and ladders:

This is a game that has been inspired by a Hindu mythological game where the devotees try to reach their Lord Vishnu through ladders and have to save themselves from demons on earth. The game started to be sold as snakes and ladders after the British arrived.

  • Operation:

Children’s all-time favorite toy Operation was created by a medical student for a college assignment. The student was helped by his godfather who worked at a toy company. The game was sold to the company’s owner at a cost of $500 and since then Operation has been bringing so much joy to young minds.

  • Monopoly:

One of the most popular board game, Monopoly came into existence as a way to explain to people how landowners were taking benefits from the people on rent. An earlier form of the game was designed by an advocate who was concerned about the situation outside. The game soon gained popularity. Monopoly was also used during the Second World War by British govt. to send money through to their soldiers.

  • Candyland:

The game was created to distract young polio patients from their illness in the hospital. The bright colors and happy faces along with an easy concept worked well and served its purpose. If you have not yet played the game, you should definitely check it out.

These board games have been an essential part of our childhood and memories. The facts mentioned above make us closer to the games and make our memories even more beautiful.