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Make Your Home Elegant And Stylish With An Ethanol Or Vapor Fireplace

Modern fireplaces are in high demand these days, because they add to the aesthetics and functionality of homes. These fireplaces not only beautiful and elegant to look at, they also are environmentally friendly.

Popularity of Mist Fireplaces

If you hate chopping wood, or if you are allergic to the dust, then purchasing artificial fireplaces might be the best option for you. They make an ideal option for city homes and villas. A mist fireplace as the name suggests, makes use of mist to create water droplets.

These fireplaces consist of LED bulbs upon which when the water droplets fall onto the LED, it gives an illusion of a real fire. A vapor fireplace runs on a gel fuel. This is made from isopropyl alcohol which dispels into water vapor.

It is not combustible and is completely safe to use. Another added benefit is that it does not produce any ash or soot. Installing artificial fireplace inserts creates an elegant and sophisticated environment in your home. These are easier to install and does not require any hearth or a chimney.

Ethanol or Mist Fireplace Inserts

When it comes to fireplace inserts, many people often get confused on what to get. Two common choices are:

  • Ethanol fireplace inserts
  • Mist fireplace inserts

Ethanol fireplace inserts also known as bio ethanol fireplace basically runs on ethanol fuel. The benefit of this is that it produces the flames without any smoke. In the case of mist fireplace inserts, these make use of power and tap water, making it feasible to be used in apartments, restaurants or any place where a traditional fireplace might not be suitable.

Ethanol and mist fireplace both are unique and elegant in its own way. Choosing the right fireplace insert totally depends on your preferences.