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Modafinil Induced Anxiety – 4 Major Steps To Take

Modafinil is become an effective drug when it comes to enhance brain and boost up body functioning. Sometimes, the consumption of modafinil tablet is becoming a reason for lots of issues. The major one is related to the anxiety.

Here, everyone needs to be focused on various elements. First of all, they need to make sure that they are choosing the option of best sources or not. In these conditions, you should check out the views of experts. If you are interested in reducing such kind of effects then focus on following points.

Lower dosage

Dosage of modafinil is playing the most important role. For such a task, you need to discuss with the experts carefully. In case the current dosage is affecting the health condition then you should try to decrease it. Reducing the dosage can help the individuals in avoiding these types of bad effects easily and quickly.


For avoiding the anxiety effects with modafinil, the interested ones should consider the option of meditation. It provides assistance in avoiding bad effects on the brain and sorting the issues quickly.

Avoid caffeine

Consumption of caffeine is becoming a big source when it comes to boost the effects of modafinil tablet. In case you want to reduce it then you should be focused on all these things. Here, everyone should try to make sure that they are avoiding the over consumption of caffeine. It may become a reason for various issues.

Take L-Theanine

It is a kind of supplement and mainly extracts from the tea plant. If you are going to focus on the structure and other factors then you can find it highly similar to the amino acid. In case you are going to compare it on the basis of chemical structure then it is different.