Reasons Why You Suck Up At Dating

It is true that in some instances, dating sucks for some people. There are a ton of reasons for this, and usually, it ends up into not having a romantic partner on your every date. Worst, you may leave a bad impression to your dating partner and they may deem you awkward, weird, or straight-up bad person.

Of course, dating should not be like that, and there is a lot of ways surely that you can eliminate this, which will be another article entirely. For now, let us check the cause why your dating life totally, and utterly, sucks.

The Issues Within You

Of course, most of the issues here is within yourself. Here are the common things that you may be doing that you are unaware of:

  • You tend to move the process too fast, like saying “are we official now?” after your first date.
  • You may be too passive when answering to your dating partner’s decisions.
  • You are too aggressive, which is, most of the time, creep out your dating partner.
  • Your expectations may seem crazy or are totally insane.

Other More Common Issues You May Not Know Of

There are also some things like:

  • You tend to bring up your ex or past relationships during conversations.
  • The way you make conversations seems stagnant.
  • Your standards are wrong.
  • Trying to fill up an emotional hole in your life, which can sometimes creepy on first dates.
  • And lastly, you are dating the wrong people, which can lead to bad dates.

Parting Shot

Those are the most common things that can lead one into thinking that their dating life sucks. With proper knowledge on how dates work, and toning down or eliminating those bad habits you have during dating, you can surely get out of the bench and to the playing field once again. Well, you can start first with dating sites if you like. Just leave your profile and WhatsApp contact number, and inevitably someone will be interested in you for starters.