How To Rectify The First Date That Went Bad And Get Another Chance!

So your first date didn’t go right or as expected or let’s face it, you ruined it big time, and now you are regretting it. First of all, calm down. Its okay, and a lot of first dates go wrong, but you can make amends and make it up to her/him and get a chance for them to see the real and better you on a second date. Instead of sitting idle and checking their Whatsapp status, pick up the phone, keep your ego aside and be ready to win him/her back!

Some scenarios could have happened!

Scene 1: You Were Wrong!

If you liked them but messed up big time, you need to keep your ego aside and communicate to make it up to them. Keep in mind that you can do clingy or out of the way that embarrasses them even evermore. You genuinely need to call or text them to explain your side of the situation and apologize to them that they had to witness it. You can try sending or showing up with flowers and a sorry note.

Scene 2: He/She Was Wrong!

You might be getting explanatory texts and call, and if you saw any good in them or know it was just circumstances that played bad, and then give them a chance to explain. It would be bigger of you to try understanding them being in their shoe.

Lastly, it could be the fact that you Both Were Wrong or Not into Each Other! In this scenario, it is better to move on. There needs to be a spark in the relationship which keeps it alive, and if neither of you felt it, it means you are not the one for each other.