Are All RPG Games Considered As Adventure Games?

In today’s classification of games, RPG games can be confused as Adventure games, and vice versa, depending on the game being played. But what defines the two genres? What are the similarities ad differences each genre have?

The Definition

Let’s start first with RPG games. RPG games, or Role-Playing Games, as its name implies, are games that let you play as a character in a vast, immersive world. This character may be set with a couple of parameters or can be altered depending on your preference. You control your character, the character that you have made.

In Adventure games, the goal is for gamers to have a real adventure and for it to tell a story, which has a start and an end. It focuses on the journey itself, between the beginning of the story to the end. Some elements of action games and other genres can be added to the story to give it more depth and compelling to gamers. Also, the character you control here is the character itself, which is most of the time, the focus of the story.

The Differences

Well, Commonly RPG games have statistics as their core mechanics. Things like leveling up, how much damage is dealt, how much hit points your character has, and so on are essential to the game. These stats are commonly defined in numerical value, and you can make your character better by leveling up and improving your equipment.

In Action games, most of the time these numbers are not present. Character improvement is there, for sometimes, it is a part of the story. Also, adventure games have a more linear storyline that needs to be accomplished to finish the game.

Game Qualities

Some games combine the aspect of both genres to accomplish more awesome gameplay and compelling story. With this, you can now easily distinguish an RPG game to an Adventure game, or vice versa. The answer to the question is: they have distinct qualities, but they can be combined to make a great game.

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