Oakley And Other Companies And How To Know Whether It Will Suit You

Sunglasses are a must for must living in tropical areas, but it has now, integrated with the modern style statement, as a result of which it is seen to have worn by both men and women. But what type of sunglasses would suit you or will look good on you that is a thing that you need to determine? There are various types of companies like แว่นกันแดด Oakley or Ray ban Sunglasses. So let us first take a look on that.

Types of shapes that are available to you are:

 Aviator type Sunglasses:

⦁ These Aviator glasses give your face a classy look with its metallic frame.

 Butterfly Sunglasses:

⦁ If you want a great lot of protection, then butterfly glasses are just the thing for you.

⦁ These sunglasses have truly the shape of the outline of a butterfly.

 Cat’s Eye Sunglasses:

⦁ Cat’s eye sunglasses bring out the cuteness in you specifically these sunglasses are for the feminine only and suits them quite well.

 Club-master Sunglasses:

⦁ Giving a retro style to you, these sunglasses are what is known for the thick upper and the thin lower frame of the sunglasses.

 Oval Sunglasses:

⦁ These sunglasses also fit your face and cover most of the same.

⦁ As the name suggests the shape of the sunglasses are oval, giving you a classy look.

 Rectangular Sunglasses:

⦁ The frame of these sunglasses as the name suggests is rectangular with the top edges in quite an angle, and the lower edges are round.

⦁ If you see that the sunglasses are wider than it is tall, then they are surely rectangular, but these sunglasses never cover much of your face.

 Round Sunglasses:

⦁ These sunglasses are round in shape, well almost round in some cases, and are generally accompanied with mirrored glasses.

⦁ These glasses suit fine mainly for the women and pose to be a great part of their style statement.

 Shield Sunglasses:

⦁ These glasses cover up a lot of your face with a curve that extends to the sides also.

 Wayfarer Sunglasses:

⦁ These are all-rounder sunglasses and goes for all genders and all type of dress codes.