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Tutorial on How to Convert Your Old Router to A New Access Point

Have you recently replaced your Wi-Fi router at your home? Have you ever thought of using your old router for something else? There is good news for you. You can still use your old router for setting up another access point so that you can have your network that is split from your new one. In this article, we will guide you on how to turn your old router into your new personal access point.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Inspect your router’s range of IP addresses

In the first step, you need to connect your new router on your personal computer to check its configuration address. If you are facing problems accessing your configuration address and not working, you need to read the manual that comes with your router when you buy it to double-check the configuration address you need to access. When you checked its settings you need to list down the addresses that are used by your new router.

Setup your old router

The next step is to set up your old router and assign it to an IP address that is not used by your new router. You need to also turn off the old router’s DHCP server function so you can set it up as a new access point. The function of the DHCP server is to provide IP addresses to the devices that will connect on it this is why we need to disable it.

Connect your old router to the new router

The final step on this tutorial is you need to connect your old router to the new one using a network cable. This will serve as your new access point. Now you can personally configure the settings of your access point. Whether you need to change its name and add password security on it. The connected devices and personal computers in both switches will be a part of one network.