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What Are Espresso Machines

Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, was the first person who made the espresso machine and patented it on his name. Later in 1903,  Luigi Bezzera brought in the improved version of the espresso machine. An espresso machine is basically a coffee making machine that blends coffee by compelling pressurized water near boiling point through a “puck” of ground coffee and a filter so as to create a thick, concentrated espresso. There are various machines that have been created to produce coffee but there are few common elements like a portafilter or a group head. There is also a steam wand that is used for frothing the liquid or the beverage to make the drinks like cappuccino or latte.

So here are some of the elements of an espresso machine.

  • Portafilter

Portafilter is a device that is used to grind coffee. The name is also easy to memorize as it is (portable filter). It also well known as a filter handle as here where the coffee is put.

  • Group head

This device is also known as the brew group or a brew head this thing creates the magic. Here is where the porta filter is inserted when the person is preparing to brew the coffee.

  • Portafilter basket

As the name suggest this basket is placed in the portafilter, they are held in a place with the help of a spring and they come in single and double sizes.

  • Group Gasket

It is a ring shaped rubber that seals the portafilter and the portafilter basket together. If the portafilter is found leaking then immediately the group gasket should be changed.

  • Steam wand

This wand is used to stem the milk, this wand is also known as the steam pipe. On the end of the steam wand there is a tip called as the steam wand tip.

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