The Best Way To Progress In Dragon City

The popular browser game Dragon City is a fun-to-play game. The popularity of the game resulted in the game being ported to android and iOS. The game has a lot of mechanics for a mere browser game. You can raise a lot of different dragons and breed them. You can build structures that can help you gain gold and unlock more dragons and features. With these in mind, the progress is really slow when you are first starting out the game. This is why a lot of players search for methods on how to hack dragon city in mobile instead of reading leveling up guides. But worry not the guide we will provide you is hack free and legitimate ways on leveling up faster in the game


Before we start the guide, if you are looking forward to playing the game on android you can download it on the Aptoide website so without any more commentaries here are the best ways you can progress faster in dragon city.

Prioritize growing foods

The best way to start when you are new to the game is prioritizing growing the food. The foods you will grow can help you raise your dragons faster. This is an essential factor in the growth of your dragon because if you did not give it any food your dragons will not grow and get stronger.

Complete quests

Completing a lot of different quests can grant you a huge gold, gem, and EXP. These quests are the thing you should prioritize doing and you should skip out on doing those quests that urge you to use your gem to complete it.

Build Boosts

When you have enough levels to build boosts, build it right away. Boosts will increase your gold generation and the game also allows the effect to be stackable up to an 80% increased rate. While building boosts can be really helpful, it is recommended that you avoid building it on your early levels because there are other things you should prioritize on upgrading.