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How’s Paper Straws Better Than Plastic Straws

From the very childhood a child is told about the biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances. Currently as a part of a global campaign their was a huge argument and debate on the utilization of paper straws other than utilizing the plastic straws. The composition of plastic straws is not at all safe and they are not at all and eco-friendly to the environment.

Recently the use of paper straws has come to trend and big fast food giants like McDonalds, KFC, Burger King have adopted the utilization of Paper straws against the plastic ones. Paper straws are ecological and can be easily biodegraded.

So here are few points that compares the paper straws from the plastic ones

  • Paper straws are natural and are made out of wood pulp
  • This make the straws biodegradable and hence they get degraded much faster than the plastic straws
  • These biodegradable straws are not harmful for the environment and the living creatures unlike plastic straws, recently a case came into notice from Costa Rica where the scientists found a plastic straw inside the nostril of a sea turtle. Not only this there are gazillion of such cases happening all across the globe
  • It has been noted that plastic takes around 200 years to break down into a simpler fragments and the point to be noted is that such fragments can never ever be decomposed fully. Such fragments can pollute the land and ocean
  • Also plastic straws are 11th most found substance sailing in the ocean and the seas
  • Hence biodegradable and eco-friendly straws are the best alternative in place of plastic straws

There are many big companies that have already started utilizing the biodegradable paper straws by discarding the plastic ones. So everyone in this entire world should stop the utilization of plastic as it becomes the duty of every individual to save the earth and every creature surviving here.