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How Can You Choose A Breast Implant Size For A Natural Look?

The breast implant is a medical procedure which involves the enhancement of the breasts. Generally, the implant is made from the silicone or saline gel, which is inserted in the breasts. The treatment for increasing breast size is becoming popular among women.

There are several ways for the surgery of the breast implant, and if a woman is going for the implant, then she is expecting to provide it the natural look. If you want to provide the breasts a natural look, then you need to consult the plastic surgeon.

Let us discuss various methods for choosing the right breast implant size for a natural look

  • Water test

The test is related to the rice test, and you will need a plastic baggy and water for doing this test. You can use a proper non-leaking water bag and add the right amount of water in it and then try to put it in the bra.

  • Don’t try to measure it with your bra size

Bra cup size is not the best way for measuring the breast size, and if you do this, then you will not get the right result. The bra cup size standards will not match the exact size of the breast. The volume of the breast and the bra cup size is different.

  • Rice test

Going for the rice test is the right thing as the size is measured in terms of the cubic centimetre. A measuring cup and a bag with zipping are all you need to perform the test. You need to fill the bag with the rice and try to measure the amount of rice in the measuring cup. When you put the right amount of rice in the bag, and then close the zip of the bag. After this process, you need to put the bag in the bra to determine the exact size of the breast you need to make it look natural.

  • Sizing types of equipment

You can go for the sizing equipment for measuring the right size of the breast, and it is considered to be the best method for measuring it.

These all are the various methods which will help you to choose the right breast implant size for a natural look, and you can choose from any of the above methods.