Is It True That Bullets In Rust Actually Take Time To Travel?

Perhaps, every online game has its own mysteries. One of the best examples of a game where a lot of players have questions is Rust. While it has been highly appreciated and most played game in the gaming world, there are a lot of questions that gamers would like to know. As such, if not the biggest, one of the biggest questions that every rust gamer would like to unfold is – do bullets in rust actually take time to travel? If you are one of the fanatic gamers of Rust, you might probably have asked this question as well. To settle the mystery and to give the answer that everyone has been waiting for, this article will provide you a short explanation to answer the big question.

In reality, AK-47 bullets usually travel at the speed of 725m/s on initial gunshot then going down slowly to 400m/s the moment it has surpassed 500m. Additionally, AKs are manufactured in a controlled factory setting with precision machinery and quality analysts. In the game, Rust guns are usually hacked in stone and wooden sheds by naked cavemen. But should an AK bullet in the Rust game should really take longer than the actual bullet? The answer might be no. However, some gamers and experts believe that the delay and slow arrival of bullets before it hits the target is due to the lag in the gameplay. Some gamers also find this laggy activity in the game very troublesome and hassle. Instead of aiming to hit the target, players would just tend to observe and predict where the bullet would go.

Some players try to use rust hack to avoid this slow arrival of bullets. Unfortuately, they were unable to manipulate the gameplay. As such, some predictions are still going around.