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How To Choose A Good Backpacking Tent

One of the most important part of camping equipment is a tent. If you choose the right tent then you will have much more fun and comfortable camping experience. It will also be much safer. This make the choice of selecting a tent one of the most important tasks for a camper.

Here is a guide on how to choose a good tent so you can get the top backpacking tents for yourself.

Tent Capacity

Tents come in four capacities, 1- to 4- person. Now, there are no well-defined dimensions per person so different brands have different sizes within the same category. Tents that are ultralight are relatively smaller.

If you are a tall camper or larger than average then you should consider tents with bigger size. People often want more space in the tent and buy a tent that has one extra person’s space.

Tent Seasonality

There are two types of tents, 3 – season tent and 4 – season tent. People usually go with 3 – season tents as the extreme conditions are different in different camping sites.

Benefits of 3 – season tents

  • Ample mesh panels help to boost air flow and to keep insects out.
  • There is more interior head room
  • Number of poles is less and the fabric is lighter this makes the weight low.

Benefits of 4 – season tents

  • Fabric panels are designed in such a way that they can zip over mesh areas
  • Better rainflys
  • Rounded design to face winds and to eliminate the space for snow to settle.
  • They have more poles than 3 – season tents and this makes them stronger but heavier


It is important to make sure the condensation build up is maintained. This can be done by mesh windows and panels

These were some things that can make a tent  a good tent but there are a lot other things that you can get as well.