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How To Create The Best Instagram Stories

Aside from posting pictures and videos on your profile, Instagram also allows you to create stories is that other users can see. You can either put images or videos is that can capture the attention of the audience. Stories unlike Instagram posts only last for 24 hours. They are also very short. But if you make it interesting, you will be able to reach more audience.

Instagram stories can help you maximize your reach and the platform. But first you need to learn how to create this kind of content.

  • Stickers 

The first and basic element that you can add into your Instagram Stories are stickers. These stickers are fun and cute. You can choose from a wide selection of elements. There are GIFs, ordinary stickers, Countdowns, and location or geo filters. You can also put your favorite emojis.

There is really no limit when it comes to using Instagram stickers on your stories. But take note nothing has to be perfect.

So, do not be afraid of trying new designs. When it comes to creating your Instagram story. You can use different emojis, resize them or delete them if you don’t want them anymore. 

  • Doodles 

Next is doodling on your Instagram stories. Another feature of Instagram is their pen feature. This allows users to write something on their pictures or videos using different colors, different pen sizes. And of course, their own drawings.

You can draw or write whatever you want on the content. The key here is to make Instagram stories that your audience would like to see. You can ask questions or on your Instagram stories as well. This will spark conversations, or comments on your content. The more engagements that you do on Instagram, the better. You can buy Instagram comments for better results. 

  • Animation 

Last but not the least, is animation. You can add animation content on your Instagram stories. However, you might have to use a third party account, or a different tool. To do this, the output or the animation will be uploaded as a video file on your Instagram page.

The design, or the content will depend highly on the kind of brand that you have.