New Features Included In Pubg’s New Snow Map

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, more popularly known as PUBG, is one of the most popular and played online games right now. It is even considered as the predecessor of the Fortnite and other battle royale online games. PUBG has brought the battle royale game format into mainstream gaming, and the online gaming community has not been the same since.

PUBG features rich maps and terrain that makes the competition more fun and exciting. However, players constantly develop battlegrounds hack on current maps to gain competitive advantage in the game. Tencent, developer for PUBG, tires its best to prevent users from being able to use hacks to keep the game fair for everyone through patch updates.

In one of the updates, a new map was unveiled which got everyone excited. The new map, featuring a snowy terrain, have included new features to up the competitive level of the game. Here are some of the new things on the PUBG’s new snow map, officially named “Vikendi”.

Vikendi will feature new weapons

One thing great about PUBG is that it features a vast array of weapons you can use against other players. The new map feature new additions to the weapons arsenal in the game, namely a C4 and a Ballistic shield. Introduction of new weapons will help balance the gameplay and level the competition for everyone.

New gameplay mode

The new map will also feature a new game mode called conquest. Unlike in the traditional game mode where a player has to out-survive everyone in the map to win, this new mode will require players to capture and hold specific areas in the map in order to win.

Night mode setting

Vikendi will include a night mode incorporated into the gameplay. Just like any normal game, the match starts of in the day but will eventually turn into a dark night as the game progresses. This adds a different layer of challenge and difficulty for all players.