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Brazilian Waxing Tips To Help Lessen The Pain

The pain is real when you get a Brazilian wax. It’s no joke and we’re telling you now that we’re not sugarcoating anything when we say it’s painful. Though it only lasts for a moment when the strip is being ripped off of you, the area around it bruises a bit that the soreness can be felt for a day or two.

But it’s not a pain you can’t handle for when you regularly get a Brazilian wax, the pain can already be expected and your hairs are used to it by now that it comes off easily than the first time. And though it is painful, there are many waxing tips you might want to check out to help ease and lessen the pain a little:


Exfoliating your pubic hair area before waxing can help get rid of dead skin which sometimes causes ingrown hairs. Exfoliating also helps hair grab on to the wax so it’s easier for you to strip it off.

Hair Length

Take into consideration the proper hair length before you wax yourself or go to a waxing salon. An appropriate length would be 1 cm. Shorter than that makes the hair harder to wax off and longer than that makes it more painful. Trim your pubic hair up to the right length so waxing will be easier.

Loose Clothing

Head to the waxing salon wearing a dress or some loose shorts or pants. So when the process is done, you can allow your area to breathe. Tight clothes make it more sensitive to pain.

Wax After Your Period

Don’t head to the waxing salon days before your period where you’re sensitive to the little things. Your pain threshold is a little bit higher after your menstruation period so book an appointment to your waxing salon after your monthly period ends.

If you’re wondering how long does waxing last, well it depends on how much hair you have and how much you can tolerate the pain. But all in all, the experience is worth it when you see the aftermath.