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Look Pretty While Wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses is hip once more. Thanks to the hipster culture and brands like Urban Outfitters. Everyone aspires to look like Zachary Quinto and Emmy Rossum. But there is something you should know. These celebrities always look gorgeous with the help of their makeup artists.  So what can you do to look hot with your set-up glasses?

There are a few things you need to know when wearing makeup beneath your glasses. Your spectacles do things to your face. They alter how you look like. They can either flatter your eyes or make you look like an opossum!

Bolder Makeup

Glasses can pull the attention away from the face. Bolder eyeliners create a gravitational effect. They will also intensify the shape of your eyes and great during job interviews or parties. Bold eyeliner can make you look sincere, confident, and fashionable. And your eyeglasses can become lenses. Also, your eye bags will become noticeable. Thus, a good concealer can cut these things. You can also curl your eyelashes for effect. You can also go bolder with your make up than usual. Always remember to take the gravity off your eyeglasses.

Pay Attention To Your Frame Design

Ensure that your choice of color will match your personality. They should be OK with your hair color, general wear, and your eyes. Wrong frame design or color can make you look goofy. Pay attention to the build as well. Weak frames can break. Vintage frames never go out of fashion. So try to experiment. Look for something that will suit you for all season.


A smudge of mascara can block your eyesight. Sometimes foreign objects can lodge themselves between crevices. They can get into your eyes and cause severe damage. Powder your nose pads. Oil can loosen your eyeglasses. Keeping the ends oil free and dry will stabilize your frame.


If you are new to wearing eyeglasses or Opzetzonnebril, then these pointers can help you. Be bold and wise. Wear the colors that will show who you are.