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Detroit chef welcomes to exotic weed-themed gourmet

Have you ever heard of weed-themed gourmet? Would you like to try it to experience a different culinary adventure? Well, if you are apprehensive of the taste- honestly, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, as per Chef Parham’s guests, weed-themed gourmet is simply sumptuous. Chef Parham is one of those dynamic and adventurous chefs who have undertaken extensive research in weed-based cuisine and the results have been splendid. In fact, she is all set to launch her own culinary show online under the name “Bonnie’s Kitchen”. Named after her beloved grandma, the show will introduce weed-based dishes to viewers to fight the stigma associated with marijuana consumption.

Michigan residents grabbed the headlines last November by enthusiastically voting for legalization of marijuana use & possession. Today it’s really easy to buy cheap weed online.

3-course weed-themed gourmet

Chef Parham keeps on hosting weed-themed diners that include full-fledged 3 course meal. Here are some examples of the amazing dishes that are served for appetizer, main course and dessert.


One of Chef Parham’s most loved appetizers is butter crostini decked up with a mousse made with cannellini beans. The mousse is further infused with delicious duck liver and layered with Indica-domi nant GG4 strain (5mg). The mousse is further topped with beef bacon and spicy broccoli rabe.

Main course

For the main course, you may expect capellini pasta stirred in anchovy and lemon sauce and topped with a bunch of enoki mushrooms, seared scallops and smoked mussels. The entire dish is cooked in GG4 butter as well as Hindu Kush strain-infused olive oil.


For dessert, Chef Parham prefers to go old school with chocolate mousse topped with chocolate chip and whipped cream. However, the star of the dessert is surely a pinch of weed that can sweep yopu straight to the cloud 9 of pure joy.