The Best Online Tool You Can Use Convert Videos To Mp4

If you ever find yourself needing to convert a video clip to the mp4 file format without downloading some dedicated program for conversion, then this article is for you. Online tools can be handy if you are just seeking to do just one conversion, and installing some program would be a hassle for you.

Here is one of the best tools available on the internet that you can use to convert flv to mp4 online free of charge:

Cloud Convert

Cloud convert is an online video conversion tool that can be accessed at

Cloud Convert works with a multitude of file types, combined with the choice to routinely save documents to your email address, or online file storage services such as Dropbox, or Google Drive. In addition, the program is completely without adverts, and because it is based online, you can utilize it on all PC operating systems such as Windows as well as Mac OS.

Guide on how to cloud convert for video conversions

First, open the Cloud Convert website and click on the Select Files button. After that, obtain the FLV file you would like to work on and decide on how you would prefer to acquire your MP4 file format discussed in the next step.

After doing that, As soon as you include the FLV file format you intend to convert, select mp4 from the menu that will be shown. You can also change things such as the video bitrate, resolution, fps, among other things. You can also leave it to the default setting if you like.

Lastly, click on the button which says “Start Conversion” to start the procedure. As soon as it is accomplished, you are can now enjoy your FLV video converted into the MP4 file format.