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Things To Keep In Mind In Selecting A Power Adapter

So, you’re having the time of your life, traveling in a foreign country, experience all the culture, music, food and life the city has to offer. You’ve been to all tourist spots, popular and hidden, you’ve interacted with the locals, listened to their stories and experiences, and taken photographs as a visual souvenir.

After a long day, you go back to your hotel or transient apartment, planning to charge your devices for another go the next day. Then you find out all your charging bricks won’t fit any of the power outlets in your room. Nothing can be so frustrating when things like this happen. That’s it pays to be ready. It pays to have a power adapter with you that can be used in any country or city you plan on going.

Here are a few guidelines in selecting the right travel adapter for you:

Consider region-specific or universal power adapters

If you’re the type who travel around a lot, and go to a different country more than twice in a year, then having a universal power adapter might be what you need. You can easily find one in most gadget or electronic stores, or even in the travel section of a nearby mall. Having a universal one means you won’t have to worry about not being able to plug your devices anywhere you go.

If, however, you’re the type who travels once a year and usually has a preferred destination at all times, then a region-specific power adapter might be more than enough. For those who love cross-country adventure in the US, or go backpacking around Europe, having an EU to US plug adapter or the other way around might be more than enough.

Always keep in mind voltage differences

Aside from the shape of power outlets, there are also differences on voltage output between countries. To avoid getting your devices fried due to being plugged in an incorrect voltage power outlet, it’s best to know the voltage output of your destination country and your device’s compatibility. Having a power adapter with built-in converter will help cover such problems