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Make Use Of Your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts can sometimes be neglected by each and everyone of us. Out spirituality can be sometimes forgotten by most people due to hectic schedules in everyday life. Spiritual gifts are very important because these are the gifts that cannot be taken away from us, unlike the material gifts. People who chooses to spread the Word of God are gifts for us who sometimes do not know our faith anymore. They are people you cannot find in the gift market or just about anywhere else. They are simple blessings that can provide us guidance on how to live spiritually.

There are a lot of spiritual gifts given to us by God. We always need to nurture them and take care of them so that we can have a spiritual life of peace. Our wisdom is basically one of the spiritual gifts that has been given by God since we are born, it is then being nourished by our parents and other people who give us guidance all throughout our lives. There are so many ways on how to utilize the spiritual gifts that have been given to us. We also need to consider other people when we use them.

Here are some ways on how to use your spiritual gifts:

  • Help other people. Always be ready to extend a helping hand to those people who need help. It is a blessing from God that you have what you need but when you see others that do not have what they need, reach out and give them what they need especially if you have plenty on your pocket.
  • Teach other people to do the good thing. Always remind people around you to do good deeds whenever they can. It is always a delight to give someone a piece of kindness everyday. Spread the good vibes and give them the gift of kindness. Let other people do kindness by teaching and showing them how it’s being done.
  • Teach them the Word of God. Always spread the Word of God and give examples of how to do His teachings. Show them why things are done and why it should be done. Some people lost their faith a long time ago and they will need to be renewed at some point. You are the key and instrument of God to have them find faith once more.
  • Encourage people who are being weak. There are people who sometimes do not know what they are doing and is being discouraged by the mistakes and misfortunes in their lives. Let them know that you are willing to help and other people too. Let them know that everything will pass and they just need to continue praying and having faith that everything will be alright. Give them kind words that can encourage them. Tell them that everything will be fine in God’s perfect time. You will never know how helpful encouraging words are until you do so. Everybody needs to have someone to talk to at some point in their lives, even if they are total strangers.

  • Give all the help you can give. Offer help to your community, neighbor and any body else that need it. This is something that can turn into another blessing. Helping others is like helping God spread the Good News and His love. It is always great feeling to help someone even though you do not know them. You can help others with material things, spiritual things and with your kind gestures. A smile is somewhat a gesture of help to others because some people are having a bad day and if you smile to them, you somehow help them ease the pain that they feel.
  • Be a blessing to others. Ensure that you always do what is right and always make other people feel good about themselves no matter how hard life seems to be. Also give yourself the gift of love by loving yourself and spreading the love that you have inside. Give everything that you have to make sure that you are not lacking in helping. God will definitely give you back everything that you have done in His Name and for the love of Him.