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Best Tips To Find The Right Rowing Machine

Are you planning to get a rowing machine for your home gym? Rowing machines assure complete body workout and are a must-have for every gym. However, the fitness market is flooded with a wide variety of rowing machines and not all are made equal. Thus, the post below offers some handy tips that will enable you to choose the best possible rowing machine for your home gym.


Know the types

There are basically 4 different kinds of rowing machines- air-resistance rower, water rowers, hydraulic rowers as well as magnetic-resistance rowers.

Air-resistance rowers are known for natural smooth strokes that make rowing easy and fun. The water-based option beautifully emulates the feeling of rowing in water. Faster you will do it, tougher & more effective it will be. A hydraulic rower would be the best option if your main motto is to build solid strength with a rower. The best parts about magnetic-resistance rower are smooth noiseless operation and a breezy maintenance.

Comparative study

Once you get a fair idea on which type of rower to buy, you should take a comparative study on different rower models available in the market today. Make a shortlist of at least 4-5 potential names and then take a study on them. Check their brand reputation, features, specifications and what the customers had to say. It would be great if you can go for a rower recommended by fitness experts and top athletes. One fine example here would be concept2 rowing machines for sale. These are a favorite of Olympian champions.

Easily legible LCD display

A modern rowing machine is incomplete without a LCD display. The display features data about your rowing sessions so that you can know about your metrics. These metrics are a great help in understanding how far you have progressed with your exercise. Make sure, your chosen rower machine features easily legible LCD display for a convenient read.

Your rower should also promise you comfortable seat and grip for optimum experience.