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Renting Movies Online Easy As 1-2-3

Gone were the days where you have to travel miles away just to go at your favorite DVD rental store. With the emergence of internet and movie streaming, rental of movies has also shifted to being an online necessity. The process of it is easy that even kids nowadays can also rent their own favorite shows or movies. Instructions are very straight forward and just needed a few of your personal details to proceed.

These details include your name, address or country (for HBO Go and Hulu, outside of US are restricted to access these streaming sites), age and some also will ask for your payment details. Other streaming websites such as Netflix allow users to try the subscription for one month, free of charge. Users just have to create an account using a valid email address and that’s it. You can now try Netflix and its content 1 month free of use.

Also, YouTube Movies does the same. Although its movie selection is far from great due to limited titles to choose from. Nonetheless, it still allows users rent or even buy the movie of their choice. For renting a movie, do take note that once you start watching the movie, you have 24 hours to do it. If you don’t have time, you still have 30 days to start watching the movie.

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