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Affordable Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Staff And Clients

Whether you’re planning to give it to a client or your staff, corporate gifts are quite important in establishing rapport and showing appreciation for their services and partnership. The pressure of getting the right gift for your clients and staff is enormous, and rightly so as this could indicate your working relationship with them moving forward.

There are numerous factors that needs to be considered should you decide to give out corporate gifts. It has to be useful and appreciated while maintaining a certain degree of professionality so as to avoid going over boundaries. But most importantly, one has to consider the working budget when it comes to corporate gift giving.

Here are a few affordable corporate gift ideas that’s easy on the budget while effectively relaying your message of appreciation:

Food and beverages

This is something everyone will surely use and appreciate. Give them a customized corporate gift composed mainly of food items such as dry ingredients for cookies and baked goods, or pasta sauce and ingredients. Score more points by giving homemade food items like preserved jams or cookies that you prepared yourself.

Housekeeping tools and kitchenware

Home items such as house-keeping tools and kitchenware are affordable and practical gift ideas for your clients and staff. Kitchenware accessories such as pot and lid holders, coasters and such will surely find their way into your recipient’s kitchen. Aromatic candles can help make their homes feel and smell relaxing. Homemade cookbooks can tailor-fitted depending on the occasion or season.

Gift cards

Though quite impersonal, giving out gift cards for coffee shops or gift stores is a practical way of showing appreciation to your personnel. This will ensure that everyone gets whatever they like since this gives them the freedom of choice.